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The lower-priced Timberland Outlet brand is so well-known for its goods

The Susannah is the third in our series of five special Timberland Outlet and it’s a perfect piece to get anyone through a midweek slump. The neutral color and carry-anything shape make this bag an ideal piece to take to work, but the soft construction means that it’s also casual enough to be a polished weekend option.

The quilting gives the Susannah a touch of texture, while the gold hardware ups the glamour quotient just enough to turn a few heads. Timberland Outlet has done as much as any other American designer to define the country’s accessories aesthetic, and this bag is a perfect example of the casual glamour that the brand has come to represent.

timberland boots for girls purple

timberland boots for girls purple

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kids black timberland boots

kids black timberland boots

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Timberland Outlet, trimmed in white leather, will come in the medium, large and crossbody sizes that Selma lovers are already familiar with.


Timberland Outlet is simple, sporty, luxurious silhouettes are beloved by fashion lovers all over the country.


Last week, while we were discussing celebrity handbag placements, one of our comments mentioned the Timberland Outlet and her budding interest in it.

Paper Plane

In case you thought that perhaps the Timberland Outlet juggernaut could be stopped, we are here this morning to prove you wrong.


Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted walking in the West Village in NYC (where she lives and is constantly haunted by paps) carrying a lovely tan and white colorblock Timberland Outlet.


I’m a little embarrassed to say that my iPhone has seen much, much better days because I don’t have a bag like the Timberland Outlet.

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